Podiatry Growth Consultation

A custom assessment and plan of action from Jim McDannald, DPM

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A custom online presence & visibility assessment and plan of action from Jim McDannald, DPM.

Price: $800


The times they are a-changing. Today podiatric physicians have digital opportunities to improve patient care and create value for their practices. What’s missing is the time to evaluate new opportunities, create a coherent strategy, and take the actions needed for success.

Now, I’m offering a custom consultation that unpacks how to create an online presence that helps you create value today. Take part in the Podiatry Growth Consultation, where you will:

  • Learn the basics of building an online presence and improving visibility
  • Develop a roadmap of how to create and implement a practice marketing system
  • Receive online and digital technology recommendations
  • Create a plan of action to improve your clinic’s website & online visibility
  • Investigate patient acquisition strategies for your practice
  • Gain insights into local and state-wide competitors

This consultation is designed to help you think more strategically, find cost-effective solutions to your problems, and understand the ever-changing digital landscape.

Consultation outcomes include:

  • How to identify strategies and services that will improve the patient experience and create value for your practice
  • How to implement an online visibility plan to be seen by more of the right patients for your clinic
  • How to build a practice marketing system that works for your practice

If you’re a podiatric physician looking to create growth and value for your practice, this consultation is for you. The plan we create will help you make smarter decisions faster about where you should allocate time and money. People this consultation is for:

  • New podiatric physicians trying to start and build their practice
  • Established practice owners seeking efficient and cost-effective methods of acquiring patients
  • Those wishing to sub-specialized and develop a niche practice
  • Members of podiatry or multi-specialty clinics looking to bolster the patient experience & promote their services

If you want to get up-t0-date and make proactive decisions about technology and online visibility, invest in yourself with this consultation.

You will receive:

  • Three x 60-90 minute, 1-on-1 strategy calls (Introduction, Report Delivery/Presentation & Q&A/Implementation)
  • 30 days of email communication with Jim
  • Custom online presence and visibility written report
    • Identification of growth opportunities for your practice
    • Step by step practice marketing action plan
  • Overview of changes and additions to improve your website & online visibility
  • Downloadable templates and information to help you get started with Google & Facebook Ads

Consultation Schedule

Receive and complete intake form & schedule introductory strategy call.

Week 1

  • Strategy Call #1 – Introduction – discuss goals, workflows, EMR, website, digital presence, etc.
  • Research and information gathering

Week 2

  • Custom report writing and template creation
  • Strategy Call #2 – Report Delivery & Presentation and associated materials

Week 3

  • Strategy Call #3 – Q&A/Implementation


How much time will I need to set aside for the consultation?

Over the 3 week consultation, you’ll need to contribute 4-6 hours of your time. The more information you can share the better. But if you’re swamped and are only able to contribute the bare minimum, I can work with that as well. This consulting engagement is offered to help you save time and focus on what you do best, while I provide you advice within my scope of expertise.

What do I need to take part in the consultation?

Nothing out of the ordinary. I use Zoom videoconferencing for the strategy calls and you will receive PDF & links to Google Drive documents for the report, research and additional information I share with you. For the video calls, I suggest you have a stable WiFi connection, otherwise the video might be a little grainy.

I’m nearing the end of my residency, can I still take part?

Definitely. Like all my consultations, I’ll work to understand your goals and how I can help you get started down the right path. We welcome up-and-coming podiatric physicians who are ready to gain the knowledge they need to explore future opportunities.

Who is Jim McDannald?

I started a career in podiatric medicine more than a decade ago. After graduating from Scholl College, completing a surgical residency and practicing for 5 years, I contributed to a number of high-profile online projects and publications. While writing for Wirecutter, my work was enjoyed by a global audience and I appeared in the New York Times, Forbes and on Fox Business TV.

After Wirecutter, I contributed in communications and marketing roles to the Canadian Olympic track & field team and GPS watch/heart rate monitor company, Polar.

After speaking to frustrated classmates, I decided to combine my two areas of expertise and began consulting with podiatric practices. I take pride in partnering with podiatric physicians to develop online visibility strategies and implement technology solutions that benefit their business. I take pride in serving my colleagues and profession in this capacity.

What if my question hasn’t been answered?

Reach out to me with any other questions.

Podiatry Growth Consult

COST           $800

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