Understand Your Opportunities

Are you a podiatrist who is ready to invest in growing your practice? I offer a wide range of coaching, evaluation, and service options for my podiatric colleagues. Contact me to learn which might be the best fit for you.

Professional Advice

1-on-1 Advisory Call with Jim – $300

Are you facing a specific challenge with your practice and need expert advice quickly? Book a 1-on-1 advisory call now. Advisory Calls take place over Zoom and entitle you to ask me anything about whatever challenges you’re facing. I’ll give you no-nonsense advice that you can put into action immediately, guaranteed.

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In-Depth Evaluation/Detailed Audit

Online X-Ray – $2,000

Have you wondered if your website and online efforts are helping attract patients and grow your practice? You think it’s working but don’t know what to measure, how to determine the cause, or what to do next. This is where an Online X-Ray can help.

This is a comprehensive audit of your online presence: clinic website, review websites, social media channels, and, most importantly, your Google rankings. In the end, you’ll receive a custom report with actionable advice and step-by-step guidance to make your clinic more visible online to patients in your local area.

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Digital Marketing & Advertising

Practice Growth Services – Custom

The timing is right. You see the value in creating online visibility for your clinic and are looking for someone with podiatry experience and marketing skills to build a valuable online presence. If you want to create something that benefits your practice and patients, this is for you.

I’m looking to work with podiatrists who want to enhance their relationships with patients and take an effective, ethical approach to market their practice. If that’s you, contact me.


Success Stories

An inside look at a few of the clients who I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

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Resource Center – FREE!

A collection of my most effective articles, courses, and white papers. Topics include how to Gain Patients with Google, how to rank higher in Google by claiming your free Google My Business listing, how to see if telemedicine is a good fit for your practice, and many more.

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About Jim

Hi! I’m Jim McDannald, DPM and I was a podiatric physician for the better part of twelve years. I’ve given talks to national organizations and state podiatric medical associations, I’ve planned and executed successful digital marketing initiatives while working with the Canadian Olympic track and field team & Polar, and I have helped private podiatry clinics with their online strategy, planning, and training.

With my first client, I drastically increased monthly patient clinic visits with some straightforward changes to their online presence. There’s no secret sauce. I achieved these results because I treat my clients’ practices as if they were my own. Your online presence is a digital extension of your clinic. When crafted in the right way, it builds trust and enhances your reputation. As medicine becomes more digital, I look forward to helping podiatrists address future challenges and strengthen their relationships with patients.

A disparity in knowledge about digital marketing creates an uneven playing ground between marketing providers and podiatrists. I started Podiatry Growth to bridge this gap and help podiatrists incorporate digital marketing in ways that genuinely benefit their practice and patients. In fact, it’s my mission to help every podiatrist learn how to ethically and effectively market their practice. Would you like to join me? You won’t regret it.