Partnering to Improve Your Practice

You’re considering a significant investment in digital marketing for your practice — are we the right fit for you? Our process is thorough and detailed. We work with you to create a plan that will set us on a path to achieve your objectives and improve your practice.

Goals & Objectives

Where do you want to go?

It’s essential that you know what your practice goals are — if you can’t tell us what your goals are, we can’t help you achieve them. You might not have a clear picture of your goals just yet, but we can help you figure that part out. Sometimes people ignore setting goals, but when you create objectives, you commit to the process of improvement.

Creating A Strategy

How will you get there?

We will recommend a strategic marketing direction for your company or organization. Improvements to your website, new branding and logo, SEO/PPC campaigns, physician education — these are just a few examples of strategies we have recommended to help our clients realize their practice goals.

Research & Development

What do you need to do to arrive on time and on budget?

There are thousands of marketing tactics you can employ to reach your goals, but you can’t just leap from one tactic to the next without a structured plan to guide your efforts. We perform website audits and audience, competitor, and keyword research to create your custom plan. Once we have the plan in place, we are better able to meet your goals on time, and on budget.

Education & Implementation

What will you learn (and do) along the way?

Your plan is built so that you understand the strategies and campaigns being implemented. Along with providing monthly progress reports, we take time during our video conference calls for training and education. We take pride in breaking down the numbers and explain without a ton acronyms or confusing marketing speak.

Insights & Decision Making

How will you make cost-effective marketing decisions in the future? 

Measurement is essential in marketing. Each strategy and solution that we present is able to be measured and explained in plain English. Thus, we can determine the effect each campaign has on your practice and marketing goals. You will be able to see the direct impact of every dollar you put towards marketing.
Armed with that knowledge, you won’t second guess your decisions because you will have concrete evidence of what works and what still needs work. Wasting money is painful. We will teach and work with you to provide insights so you can make forward thinking, intelligent financial decisions about marketing your practice.
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No two situations are the same. So our process will adapt to address different practices, geographies, goals, and objectives.

Each project has a different starting point and flow — but for the most part, all five of the steps above are valuable. Are you ready to get started?

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