12-Week Podiatry Business Reboot 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 

Only $1499 USD

The first US/Canada program starts Tuesday, September 7th

8:30pm Eastern/5:30pm Pacific

Do you want to attract more new patients, keep existing patients coming back, make more money, and have more time off? If you do, keep on reading.

Suitable For Podiatrists Who Want to Succeed

It doesn’t matter if 2021 is your first year in business or your twenty-first year, this 12-week Podiatry Business Reboot program has been strategically designed for podiatrists that want to succeed, and don’t feel like spending years trying to reinvent the wheel.

To date, every podiatrist that has completed the 12-week Podiatry Business Reboot has said that it far exceeded their expectations and has been the boost their business needed.

Tyson Franklin and Jim McDannald, DPM are excited to provide this valuable learning experience tailored to the specific needs of US and Canadian podiatrists.

Listen to past attendees from groups 1, 2, and 3 are on the podcast recording below.

This Program is 100% Podiatry Specific

This Podiatry Business Reboot has been designed by a podiatrist for podiatrists, which is why you will not see other healthcare providers in the group.

This program was a real breath of fresh air and helped me see the possibilities of where I can take my business. It also explained and outlined the practical steps I need to take, and was presented in a fun way. Having others in the group to bounce ideas off definitely added value and I love that it was Podiatry specific.

Andrew Jones, Waikato Podiatry Clinic

What commitment do YOU need to make each week?

  • 12 x 1-hour weekly Zoom meetings, every Tuesday: All meetings are recorded and uploaded to a private Facebook Group, so if for some reason you cannot make a meeting, you can catch up with the recording.
  • Access to Tyson & Jim through Q&A and video explanations during the Reboot.

What’s Covered Over 12 Weeks of the Reboot?

  • All templates and frameworks discussed each week will be uploaded to the FACEBOOK group for you to use in your business.
  • At the end of each session, a proven marketing tip will be shared for you can use immediately.


  • What is the Thriving Podiatry Business Model?
  • Four pieces to the podiatry puzzle: Systems, Marketing, Schedule & Team Management.
  • Developing Team Culture – Yes, even if you’re a solo practitioner, you still have a team.
  • Three Top Core Business Values.
  • Applying the Wooden’s Pyramid of Success
  • Video Marketing Tip


  • Systems and Frameworks – There is a difference in how these are used.
  • Eliminating roadblocks in your business.
  • Effectively using 6 and 9 Box frameworks.
  • Developing the Patient Journey (Part A) – It starts much earlier than you think.
  • Why patients don’t come back – Big errors to avoid.
  • Using Social Proof to your advantage.
  • Patient Surveys


  • Developing the Patient Journey (Part B)
  • Plugging the 1st patient leak.
  • Developing your Reactivation Schedule – Getting patients coming back.
  • Developing your 5-Step Reactivation Process.
  • Reactivation example templates provided.
  • Setting up your clinic schedule correctly

 WEEK 4:

  • Plugging the 2nd patient leak.
  • Developing your Orthotic RECALL system
  • Understanding the 6-Step Orthotic Recall sequence.
  • Recall example templates provided.
  • How to track your Recall system – Is it working?
  • Practice Manager Marketing Tip


  • Plugging the 3rd patient leak.
  • Identifying Incomplete Treatment.
  • Why incomplete treatment occurs.
  • Developing your Treatment Journeys – This is different from the Patient Journey.
  • How to identifying weak performers in your team – it may be you.
  • Increasing Your Touch Points – There’s a right and wrong way to do this.


  • Effective ways for your team to communicate.
  • Getting more done and staying organized.
  • Using the OODA Loop in your podiatry business.
  • The decision-making process and avoiding biased thinking.
  • Identifying which ideas are no good and doing it fast.
  • Understanding why not all patients are equal.
  • Who is your Ideal Patient – This is where all marketing starts.
  • The 4 M’s of Marketing


  • Developing a Yearly Marketing Planner – This is your roadmap.
  • Pre-framing treatment plans
  • Asking for Google Reviews
  • Patient communication and improving return visits


  • Developing a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Marketing Plans.
  • Developing your marketing strategy.
  • Difference between strategy and tactics.
  • What, when, where and how to market.
  • Using the 6-Pillars of Marketing.
  • Creating daily marketing habits.


  • Mapping patient touchpoints.
  • Understanding the objective of mapping touchpoints.
  • Getting you and your team involved.
  • Directing the patient’s next step.
  • Difference between a podiatrist, the podiatrist, and MY Podiatrist.

WEEK 10:

  • Understanding, Protecting & Developing Your Brand
  • Difference between business and personal brand – They can coexist.
  • Should employees develop their own brand?
  • Product versus Brand.
  • Brand Consistency
  • Top 6 Branding Mistakes

WEEK 11:

  • Knowing Your Numbers.
  • Using your numbers to identify A and D patients
  • KPI’s Versus Statistics.
  • What should you be measuring?
  • Creating a Dashboard.
  • Critical Drivers – What actions you need to take each month.
  • Example templates and spreadsheets supplied.

WEEK 12: 

  • Personal challenges and conformity.
  • Setting your clinic schedule rules
  • Creating a default clinic schedule & getting more done each day.
  • Signs to look for before your business hits a flat period.
  • How to avoid a flat period
  • Why you need to encourage your patient’s dreams
  • It’s a WRAP.

It’s quite an extensive 12-week program and there is no fluff or unnecessary time-wasting. By the time you complete the 12-weeks, you should have already made your investment back…and a whole lot more.

In addition to all of the above, in between each session, you can also ask as many questions as you’d like via email or within the Facebook Group to clarify any topic we have discussed. 

“Different medical fields have different strategies that work to make money or to attract patients. Jim knows the different aspects of the practice and understands what works for podiatrists as well as I do.”

Aaron Seiter, DPM, Seiter Foot & Ankle Specialists

Personal Guarantee

We PERSONALLY GUARANTEE that if you do not think this 12-week group coaching program was a great investment, We’ll give you back three times (3X) the money you invested, that’s how confident we are that you’re going to enjoy this program and implement what you learn into your podiatry business. 

Payment Options

All payments are processed through Stripe, and you have the choice of making one payment of $1499, or you can choose to make three payments of $599.

We are flexible, so if you don’t feel comfortable using Stripe, please email me at [email protected], and we can make other arrangements.

The Next Step Is Yours

It doesn’t matter if you’re about to open your first podiatry business or you’ve got multiple business locations; I know this 12-Week group coaching program will give you the boost you’ve been looking for.

All you have to do now is decide and click on the appropriate YES I’M IN button below.

Tyson walks you through step by step the fundamentals of business structure. He makes it easy, he makes it fun, and you leave every week laughing with the others in your group and wanting more!

 Jonathan Small, Health First Foot & Gait Clinic

Enthusiastic Like-Minded Podiatrists – You’re No Longer Alone

This 12-Week Podiatry Business Reboot will also allow you to network with enthusiastic, positive, like-minded podiatrists that are action-takers like yourself.

And don’t be surprised if you develop some long-lasting podiatry friendships, which are important for your career development and podiatry journey.

Experienced Teachers

Tyson Franklin

I’ve been growing podiatry businesses myself and helping other podiatrists for over 30-years and the secret is to not overthink the process, just take action. 

After opening, selling, and taking over well over 20 podiatry businesses, and at one stage operating five podiatry and two footwear businesses 1,100 miles apart, I learned it would not have been possible without developing great systems backed by a well thought out marketing strategy.

I know precisely what it takes to create a successful podiatry business, and as a business coach and mentor, my goal is to help as many podiatrists as I can achieve the same results as I did.

I have a real passion for teaching, and I believe I bring a lot of podiatry business experience to the table. 

Jim McDannald, DPM

I combine podiatry knowledge and clinical experience with online skills and technical know-how to help podiatrists build (and grow) their podiatry practices—the smart way.

After 8 years in private practice, I shifted careers to take on digital roles with the New York Times’ Wirecutter.com, Polar, and the Canadian Olympic team at the 2016 Rio Games.

After a number of classmates reached out to me, I started Podiatry Growth and now partner with my peers and colleagues to help them grow their practices.

I take pride in sharing knowledge so podiatry practice owners can understand the online opportunities which benefit their patients and practice.

Better Together

This 12-Week Podiatry Business Reboot will also allow you to network with enthusiastic, positive, like-minded podiatrists that are action-takers like yourself.

And don’t be surprised if you develop some long-lasting podiatry friendships, which are important for your career development and podiatry journey.