Online Visibility = Real-World Results

I want to help you understand exactly how to grow your practice and create systems to schedule more ideal patients & do more of the work you love.

One of the most common questions that I get from my peers and colleagues is: “I’ve got a website. Why do I need to build out an online presence & what exactly do you do?”

1. Improve Your Website & Google My Business Profile

It all starts by taking over your existing clinic website and Google My Business (GMB) profile. You might be a podiatry clinic that has been open for 10 or 15 years and never set up a website or maybe you’ve invested thousands of dollars.

If you have a podiatry clinic website and GMB, I will improve or rebuild your existing site and GMB profile so that they’re ready to attract and appoint more right-fit patients.

If you don’t have a website or GMB, I’ll build one from scratch.

2. Track & Measure Appointment Activity

Your website will be set up to track, measure, and monitor all visitors and appointment activity on a monthly basis. We do this using Google Analytics and HIPAA-compliant call tracking so we can capture every phone call your podiatry practice receives from the Internet and mobile devices.

Think of tracking and measuring appointment activity like your profit and loss statement. Every month we let you know how many phone calls (and contact forms) have been received, what the cost of each phone call was, and what the conversion rate was (conversion rate = appointments/number of phone calls). This can be tracked easily and always improved upon.

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3. Capturing Local Demand with Online Visibility

Gaining online visibility means showing up on Google.

Potential patients are searching Google right now for the foot and ankle care services you provide. Will you show up?

I develop and execute a comprehensive plan to help you maximize your real estate in Google Results. A combined strategy and approach for Google Ads, Google Organic, Google My Business, and Google Maps will make sure patients in your area see you as the local foot and ankle specialist.

4. Building Out Important Pages on Your Website

The typical Podiatry clinic website has the following pages: Home, About, Our Services, Contact Us, and maybe even a Conditions We Treat page. This is not enough to rise above your local competition in the rankings, as potential patients type in many different keywords that are relative to the care you provide.

I am different in my approach with this important step. Each page on a specific website can be optimized using two to three keywords. And there are hundreds of different keyword combinations in each geographic area that a potential patient might type when looking for your services.

So, I create a page for each of your services. You don’t just offer Surgery or Non-Surgical care; you offer bunion surgery, ingrown toenail removal, plantar fasciitis treatment, custom orthotics, neuroma injections, and the list goes on. We make sure these keywords/pages are included in your website.

Also, we optimize your website for the suburbs or neighboring communities in your geographic area, typically between 10-15 sub-cities for most markets. We build pages that combine geographic terms with the terms so you can maximize your visibility in Google results.

How well does your clinic show up in Google results?

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5. Recall & Educational Patient Emails

Unless you’re just starting out, it’s likely that you have a large database of established patients. These are people that already know that you provide great care, but are they aware of all the services you and your clinic provide.

After receiving their permission, patient emails are an inexpensive way to educate and engage people that already know, like, and trust you. You don’t always have to chase new patients. By getting in touch with your established patients, you can provide great care and help facilitate positive word of mouth about your clinic.

6. Online Review Request System

The key to getting the most from your online marketing efforts is to have a marketing follow-up system in place. We will be equipping you with a system to collect contact information from your patients (name, email address & mobile number) and then systematically follow-up with them for maximum effect:

  • Review Request System – After a patient’s appointment, your clinic will be able to send an already prepared email or text message to the patient requesting a testimonial that can be easily posted on one of the popular online review sites such as Google, Yelp, HealthGrades, etc.

7. Raising Awareness of Your Care

With more than half the American population seeking healthcare information online, social media is increasingly influencing the choices health consumers make.

A complete digital marketing plan includes paid social media strategies to increase brand awareness and, most importantly, patient calls.

I can help you develop a paid social advertising program for your hospital, healthcare practice or institution that respects HIPAA guidelines and lets you engage effectively with prospective patients.

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