Grow Your Practice
with Telehealth Services

With this free and actionable guide, you’ll learn the basics & benefits of adding telehealth to your podiatric practice.

  • Telehealth helps your practice expand from treating your local community to patients in the entire state(s) where you’re licensed.
  • Earn additional revenue by evaluating and managing patients from any location with audio & video software.
  • Treating remotely increases access to care for patients who are homebound or have transportation challenges.
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This in-depth guide includes:

  • Policy changes that made telehealth possible for podiatrists

  • Benefits of adding telehealth to your practice

  • Best practices for coding & compliance

  • Telehealth technology reviews

  • How to best promote your new service

Get your telehealth service up and running with tips from Jim McDannald, DPM.

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted every aspect of our lives incluidng the ability to practice podiatry. Clinics are being shut down and resticted to urgent/emergent face-to-face visits and procedures.

Podiatric physicans recently received the privileges to evaluate, manage and bill patients for telehealth services. Don’t miss your opportunity to provide care to larger pool of patients & generate additional revenue to help sustain your practice.

This guide will walk you through best practices for all parts of the telehealth process from reviewing the policies, how to get started, identifying the benefits, selecting the best telehealth technology, best practices for billing and coding, and how to promote your new service and fill up your appointment schedule.

Read the advice and strategies Jim McDannald, DPM has for you. Then, you’ll be on track to get your telehealth strategy up and running!

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