Gain Patients with Google

Gain Patients With Google - Woman Podiatrist

With this free and actionable email course, you’ll learn how Google can benefit your podiatry practice and patients.

In order to be visible to patients online, your clinic must rank high in search engine results. Understanding how Google works and building a strong online presence are essential. By joining this free, 8-lesson course, you’ll receive personalized & actionable lessons that cover:

  • How to create an online presence that highlights how you solve patients’ problems, enhances your reputation & attracts new patients

  • Understand how to calculate the lifetime value of each new patient to your practice

  • How to rank improve your ranking in the Google results

  • A step-by-step guide to claiming your clinic’s Google My Business profile

Digital marketing is a blind spot for most podiatrists. 

You understand the importance of attracting new patients and promoting your practice. But your days are packed with treating patients, performing surgery, managing staff, and running a small business.

The 8 easy-to-digest lessons of Gain Patients with Google will show you:

  • Why a visible online presence and ranking high in Google is essential to the success of your practice
  • How to get started building an online presence that gives you a distinct advantage over foot and ankle providers in your area

This free course was created by a podiatrist for podiatrists.

You’ll perform a self-audit and improve how your clinic looks in search results. With a firm grasp of these fundamentals, you will no longer need to put blind faith in marketing consultants or agencies. Gain Patients with Google helps you evaluate your opportunities and create real results for your practice and patients.

Jim McDannald, DPM

Gain Patients with Google was created by a podiatrist for podiatrists.