I Help Podiatrists Stop Being Invisible Online.

Most podiatrists know that patients are searching online for foot & ankle care. But few create a plan and take the actions necessary to increase their clinic’s online visibility. A lack of time and knowledge about growing their practice online becomes a source of stress instead of a business opportunity.

Jim provides the vision and expertise to create the online presence required to help your practice stand out from “most podiatry practices”.

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Podiatry Growth - Jim McDannald, DPM

Jim McDannald, DPM

Your Opportunity

The path to improving your practice involves building a valuable online presence. The right kind of online presence, built in the right way, helps your practice go from being invisible to being seen by the exact type of patients you want to treat.

Any podiatric physician can do this with a combination of focus and discipline applied over time. You don’t need a computer science degree or know how to code to attract patients online.

The problem is that the time needed to build and maintain your clinic’s online presence is in direct conflict with the time you need to serve patients and run your practice. I can help you navigate this issue.

Your Transformation

Getting from where you are today to the place where you are generating new patient visits from your clinic’s online presence is a transformation that usually follows this path:

  1. Audit and review your current efforts.
  2. Determine your practice goals.
  3. Learn about the types of online opportunities.
  4. Create a custom strategy and metrics of success.
  5. Build & maintain a valuable online presence.

After you’ve determined your goals, you can shorten the path to growing your practice by investing in a valuable digital presence. This often takes some self-reflection to decide the direction you want your practice to move. This future-focused investment won’t be achieved tomorrow or next month. But making your practice more visible online is a process that provides long-term benefits. Getting support along the way with this transformation is another.

Podiatrists who work with me to create a custom plan to build and optimize an online presence that benefits their patients and practice.

“We have developed a wonderful working relationship with Jim. His digital expertise and clinical knowledge has added a tremendous amount of value to our practice. We are extremely pleased with our return on investment and will continue to partner with Jim to grow our practice.”

Dr. Aaron Seiter, Seiter Foot & Ankle Specialists, PA

How I Can Help

Online Practice Audit

1-on-1 online visibility evaluation and online presence planning

Are your website and online visibility efforts helping attract the right kind of new patients? The Online Practice Audit is the first step to start creating a valuable online presence for your practice. Gain valuable insights into your practice’s online presence with a comprehensive audit and detailed report. Learn how potential patients view your practice and receive a list of the highest priority issues that need improvement.

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Online Presence Creation

For podiatrists wanting to build or improve their clinic’s online visibility.

After an in-depth audit, the next step is to determine your goals and objectives. With your vision of the future and my expertise in digital marketing, we’ll collaborate on a plan that helps you and your practice become more visible to current and prospective patients. Whether you’re just getting started in practice or an experienced podiatrist who wants to improve how they’re found online, we can create the custom plan that best suits your needs.

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Recently I put together an email course that provides both real-world examples and actionable advice about how to create an online presence for your practice. This email course will show you some examples of these online opportunities and how you can use them to improve the visibility of your clinic today.

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