Want to grow your podiatry practice with more right-fit patients & procedures?

See how Wisconsin Foot Center increased new patient visits by 383% in less than a year

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Podiatry Growth - Jim McDannald, DPM

Jim McDannald, DPM

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Growing Your Podiatry Practice With Integrity

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Increased WI Foot Center’s New Patient Visits by 383% in less than a year

Dr. Andrew Marso, DPM

“With the prior agency, I never understood what they were doing & why. Jim is different – rather than throwing money to see what worked, he understands how patients are searching for us online.”

— Dr. Andrew Marso, Wisconsin Foot Center

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How Seiter Foot & Ankle Went from No Website to a Top 3 Ranking in Google

Dr. Aaron Seiter, DPM

“Different medical fields have different strategies that work to make money or to attract patients. Jim knows the different aspects of the practice and understands what works for podiatrists as well as I do.”

— Dr. Aaron Seiter, Seiter Foot & Ankle Associates

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Creating an Online Marketing Plan Leads to 2x New Patients for Gateley Podiatry

Dr. Timothy Gateley, DPM

“Within a couple of months of Jim’s planning and implementing a strategy to improve our website and online presence, 50% or more of our patients tell me they found us via Google or Google Reviews.”

— Dr. Timothy Gateley, Gateley Podiatry

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What Can I Help You With?

Gaining Online Visibility in Your Local Area

Get local patients to visit your clinic website from SEO, PPC, and Review marketing campaigns.

Filling Your Schedule with Patients & Procedures

Improvements to your clinic’s website and online presence that generates patient appointments.

Extending Trust & Your Professional Reputation

Extending the trust you’ve built in your clinic with systems and solutions that enhance your reputation.

How my podiatry clinic clients book >300% more new patients & procedures

Jim McDannald, DPMJim McDannald, DPM

Here’s the truth about most podiatry practices:

If they provide great care, they often lag behind in making their services visible to patients online. There are only so many hours in the day, and marketing tends to be way down on the list of priorities for most busy clinic owners.

My clients provide great foot and ankle care with excellent patient experiences, but they’re tired of being the best-kept secret in town. So if you are frustrated that your practice isn’t growing as fast as you know it should be, keep reading…

What does it take to increase the number of new patients or procedures by 300% (or more)? It takes more than a clinic website.

Google Ads Conversions Graphs

Your practice marketing efforts need to build trust in your local area, create content that educates and motivates potential patients, and promote how you help patients solve their problems in the right place at the right time, with the right message.

Having a decent clinic website or asking people to schedule appointments via your social media posts won’t cut it.

Or, instead of tactics that only work some of the time, you can invest in growing your practice by working with a fellow podiatrist with digital marketing skills.

The best part? It’s a simple 5-part framework.

It’s not easy, but it is straightforward. With over 15 years of podiatry and marketing experience, this is the most ethical and effective way to quickly grow your new patient visits and procedure.

If you want to get access to my strategy, including a real-life example of the Podiatry Growth methodology in action, just enter your email below, and I’ll send you a copy of the case study.

See how I helped WI Foot Center increase new patient visits by 383% in less than a year

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