Is your website helping BUILD & GROW your podiatry clinic?

Download this guide to understand how to evaluate the success of your podiatry clinic’s website, plus tips that will help you make improvements today!

Your website is a key referral source for your practice:

Your website is one of the first things that your potential patients will see when they’re searching for a foot and ankle clinic like yours online.

Are you missing out on patients in your local area because your website has problems that you’re not aware of?

If you don’t look after your website, it can be harder for your potential patients to find you. When you’re not visible to your local patients, you run the risk of them going to your competitors.

This short guide contains six key areas that you should focus your attention on, to ensure that your website helps build and grow your ideal practice.

  • Learn how to check if you’re accidentally losing prospective patients who are viewing your website on mobile or tablet devices

  • Find out what a user should be able to do when they reach your website

  • Understand how to check where your website is ranking in the search engines

  • Learn how to track how many visitors are scheduling appointment through your clinic’s website

  • See how you can check the speed of your site and why this is important

  • Review your website security and make sure that your website is safe

What Podiatrists Say…

“With the prior agency, I never understood what they were doing & why. Jim is different – rather than throwing money to see what worked, he understands how patients are searching for us online.”

Dr. Andrew Marso, DPM

Dr. Andrew Marso, DPM

Wisconsin Foot Center logo

“Different medical fields have different strategies that work to make money or to attract patients. Jim knows the different aspects of the practice and understands what works for podiatrists as well as I do.”

Dr. Aaron Seiter, DPM

Dr. Aaron Seiter, DPM

Seiter Foot & Ankle Specialists logo

“Within a couple of months of Jim’s planning and implementing a strategy to improve our website and online presence, 50% or more of our patients tell me they found us via Google or Google Reviews.”

Dr. Timothy Gateley, DPM

Dr. Timothy Gateley, DPM

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