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“With the agency, I used before, I could never understand what they were doing and why. Jim is different – rather than throwing money to see what worked, he understands how patients are searching for us online.”
– Dr. Andrew Marso, DPM

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About Jim McDannald, DPM

Jim McDannald, DPM is a surgically trained podiatrist and founder of Podiatry Growth. His combined knowledge of podiatry and online skills help peers and colleagues grow their practices.

He’s contributed to the digital teams at the New York Times (Wirecutter), Polar and the Canadian Olympic team. Playing a pivotal role at each of these organizations, he managed online strategies that generated real-world revenue & results.

In the summer of 2019, he began partnering with fellow podiatrists to help them grow their practices. Now each week the Podiatry Growth newsletter is read regularly by thousands of podiatrists around the world.

The future of podiatry is digital.

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