Stand out online.
Grow your podiatry practice.

Develop a digital plan that increases your visibility, builds trust, and generates consistent demand for your foot and ankle care.
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Jim McDannald, DPM

Jim McDannald, DPM

Partner with a fellow podiatrist

Why do I build better practice growth plans? I provide a unique combination of podiatry experience with digital skills and expertise. A marketing agency doesn’t.
  • Marketing agencies don’t have a focus. They operate on a volume model and most take on all medical specialities.
  • Practice growth platforms don’t always have your best interests in mind. Unlike some popular “all-on-one solutions”, it’s essential that you own your website, domain and a dedicated growth partner. PatientPop and others are happy to have multiple clients in the same area.
  • 100% podiatry focused. My focus is creating cost-effective solutions that deliver real results for my peers and colleagues. 

Dr. Andrew Marso, DPM

What it’s like working with Podiatry Growth.

“With the prior agency, I never understood what they were doing & why.
Jim is different – rather than throwing money to see what worked, he understands how patients are searching for us online.”

Online strategy & solutions for podiatrists

Schedule more patients

Attract and retain more local patients with a beautiful clinic website, proactive search & online visibility strategies.

Bolster clinic reputation

Help patient’s spread positive “digital word of mouth” and ensure your clinic information is accurate across the web.

Improve patient experience

Educate patients about the ways you can help. Make improvements that benefit patients & save your staff time.

“Online referrals tripled!”

“Different medical fields have different strategies that work to make money or to attract patients. Jim knows the different aspects of the practice and understands what works for podiatrists.”

Aaron Seiter, DPM
Owner Seiter Foot & Ankle Specialists

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