Disillusioned with Digital Marketing


Dr. Andrew Marso, DPM


Gain a better understanding of digital marketing and obtain a better return on monthly investment.

Dr. Andrew Marso, DPM was at a point where he questioned whether digital marketing was really worth the investment.

As the owner of a solo podiatry practice, Dr. Marso was looking for a cost-effective way to attract new patients and grow his practice. At the recommendation of a well-known “marketing expert”, he was referred to a marketing firm and they began promoting his clinic online.

Burned by a lack of results and poor communication with his marketing company, he caught up with a podiatry school classmate, Dr. Jim McDannald, DPM of Podiatry Growth.

After a few conversations, both saw a good fit. So Dr. Marso put his faith in Jim’s expertise and experience to give digital marketing another try.


Dr. Marso wanted a working knowledge of how digital marketing worked and to develop a better plan that would create real results for his practice.

Like other podiatrists who’ve had similar experiences, Dr. Marso had lost confidence in digital marketing as a whole. “I was at the point where I wondered if SEO and Google ads were just a scam,” he says. “I was pouring money into it and just never getting the results.”

I was at the point where I wondered if SEO and Google ads were just a scam…”

He didn’t want clicks or Facebook “Likes”, he wanted an online presence that generated new patient visits and additional revenue for the practice.

Dr. Marso had more questions than answers:

  • How do I know if it’s working?
  • Which forms of digital marketing work best?
  • How do I grow but maintain high ethical standards and my clinic’s reputation?
  • How long does it take before I see results?

He knew seeking a podiatry marketing expert with a different approach was the right answer. By working with a professional, he could get back to treating patients and managing his practice.


The first step for Dr. Marso was a conversation with Jim. Knowing Jim from their time together in podiatry school, Dr. Marso knew that Jim was someone who would actually listen to his questions and concerns. He wanted to be heard and not sold to.

Once the goals for his practice were clearly documented, a personalized online presence that aligned with his values and priorities could be created.


In collaboration with Jim McDannald, DPM, Dr. Marso has been able to:

1. Generate a high return on his digital marketing investment

“We want to make every dollar count,” says Dr. Marso. “Basically, this means looking at the number of calls and appointment bookings received relative to the amount of money spent on advertising.”

The results generated by Jim’s approach were significant. Dr. Marso’s costs per call/form fill dropped from $336.38 to $24.04. With more relevant and helpful ads, more people are clicking. So the click-through rate went up from 3.19% to 13.65%.

“The bottom line is we are getting more phone calls/form fills and spending less money per phone call/form fill. I started to see very quickly the best numbers I’ve ever had in the practice,” he says.

2. Trust his digital marketing adviser

“Jim is a person of honesty and integrity, and you can tell that through your discussions and meetings with him. He really wants to see you succeed and he makes you feel very comfortable in doing so.”

“Jim is a person of honesty and integrity, and you can tell that through your discussions and meetings with him.”

In contrasting his experience with their previous marketing agency, Dr. Marso says: “I felt that they consistently over-promised and under-delivered while I was with them. They also had clients sign a long-term contract, which I was uncomfortable with. I felt that once the contract was signed, they’d gotcha.”

3. Gain an understanding of digital marketing

“This is where Jim is different,” he says. “He can lay it all out for you so that it’s easy to understand and of course, you have the results as proof. Jim uses graphs and charts that make it simple to check how things are going at any time.”

“I never thought I would be comfortable looking at these charts and understanding because I never could before. The way Jim lays it out though, I do understand and I clearly see the results.”

Note: The above case study is an actual Podiatry Growth client. No portion of the content should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience the same or certain level of results or satisfaction if Podiatry Growth is engaged to provide digital marketing strategy or services.

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