How Wisconsin Foot Center Increased Patient Visits by 383%

The Challenge

Wisconsin Foot Center (WFC) came to me with a clear digital marketing challenge – they wanted to generate more patient appointments and get a better ROI with their online marketing efforts.

They believed that issues with their clinic’s previous digital strategy was holding them back and that a lack of visibility in Google search results made it difficult for potential patients to discover their clinic and foot & ankle care services.

As I worked to identify the cause, I learned that for WFC to be more visible on Google, we needed to focus on the local communities they serve. Local SEO, Google Ads, and Online Reputation all needed to be improved so their clinic would show up more often when patients were searching for podiatrist to visit.

This approach would provide the best opportunity to increase their clinic’s online visibility for relevant searches, attract potential patients to their website, and ultimately increase the number of patients scheduling.

The Solution

The process was to fully evaluate Wisconsin Foot Center’s website, Google Ads account, Google My Business profile, and local competitors.

An in-depth examination was undertaken to determine precisely why WFC was struggling.

  • The Local SEO gaps for WFC included low online visibility for search terms like “podiatrist near me” & “foot doctor near.” Difficulty competing for brand keywords (Wisconsin Foot Center, Dr. Marso, etc.) with online directories and websites like Yelp and HealthGrades.
  • Errors and poor planning in their Google Search Ad account were leading to marketing dollars being wasted on informational search terms that didn’t generate patient appointments.
  • A lack of Patient Online Review process or software was leading to missed opportunities for the clinic to extend their clinic’s reputation and build trust with potential patients.

Once a thorough audit was complete, we were able to develop a step-by-step plan to help Wisconsin Foot Center capitalize on their online opportunities.

First, we addressed two issues where they lagged behind other local foot and ankle care providers: Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) and Google Search Ads.

Wisconsin Foot Center was having trouble showing up high in Google search results in nearby suburbs and areas. A full build-out of their Google My Business account included better photos and a more thoroughly built-out listing of their services and conditions they treat. This approach led to a jump in the rankings in Google Maps and other important Google properties for WFC.

Next, it was important for Wisconsin Foot Center to show up for podiatry related searches in nearby zip codes. So “Areas We Serve” webiste pages were created that helped their clinic appear when potential patients search in neighboring communities.

For their Google Search Ads, campaigns were rebuilt to focus on finding patients ready to schedule appointments. Their previous campaign structure focused on informational searches that led to a lot of clicks and money being spent but very little additional revenue.

The third piece of our approach to generating additional patient volume was to impelment an Online Patients Review process and software. Positive patient reviews tell other patients that you are trustworthy, and they serve as a digital form of “word of mouth.”

When I started with Wisconsin Foot Center, they had a total of 11 patients reviews on Google. By implementing a system and software to request, collect, and respond to reviews, they were able to add 115 more over the course of the following 12 months and have a 5-star rating.

The Results

✔️ Increased new patients visits by 383%.

✔️ Increased online patients reviews by 1100%.

✔️ Decreased wasted ad spend by 57%.

✔️ Helped make Wisconsin Foot Center gain online visibility in Milwaukee.

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