Jim McDannald, DPM

Jim McDannald, DPM

Podiatry practices don’t often fail to attract patients because the foot and ankle care they provide isn’t good enough—it nearly always is. As patients increasingly demand digital options, podiatrists struggle with how to evaluate their online opportunities and create a plan of action, often in these key areas:

  • Local Search Visibility for you and your clinic is essential. If you’re not on the first page of Google for search terms like “podiatrist near me” or “ingrown toenail doctor”, you’re missing out on those patients.
  • New Patient Acquisition. Patients are talking about you and your practice in places like Google Reviews, Yelp, and other online outposts. What are some effective and ethical ways to generate positive “digital word of mouth”? Which online efforts provide the best return on your marketing investment?
  • Established Patient Engagement. Do you currently have a direct line of communication with your established patients? Are they and physicians that refer to you aware of all the foot and ankle conditions you treat? Would they both benefit from some periodic educational and clinic updates?
  • Website Focused on Solving Patients Problems. Does your current website extend the trust and reputation you’ve built in your clinic? Can patients easily find the right information about you and take action to pay a bill, contact your clinic, or make an appointment?

“Jim stands out for his approach. With this other outfit I used before, I could never understand what they were doing and why. Jim is different – rather than throwing money to see what works, he understands how patients are searching for us online. With very targeted campaigns, he shows me exactly what he’s doing and why.”

Dr. Andrew Marso, DPM
Wisconsin Foot Center


Jim’s work has been featured in the NY Times and numerous national and international publications. He now focuses on helping podiatrists learn how to evaluate their online opportunities.

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Jim speaks regularly on more than 20 topics relevant to a clinic’s online presence, podiatry marketing, search advertising from webinars to professional associations, all over the world.


Jim has worked with practices across the US and combines his clinical experience with marketing acumen. Engagements are remote and each involves careful analysis and application to your specific situation.