Jim McDannald, DPM

Hi! I’m Jim McDannald, DPM and I was a podiatric physician for the better part of twelve years. I’ve given talks to national organizations and state podiatric medical associations, I help private podiatry clinics create an online strategy, plan, and presence that generates results.

With my first client, I greatly increased monthly patient clinic visits with several straightforward changes to their online presence. There’s no secret sauce. I achieved these results because I treat my clients’ practices as if they were my own. Your online presence is a digital extension of your clinic. When crafted in the right way, it builds trust and enhances your professional reputation. As medicine becomes more digital, I look forward to helping podiatrists address future challenges and strengthen their relationships with patients.

A disparity in knowledge about digital marketing creates an uneven playing ground between marketing providers and podiatrists. I started Podiatry Growth to bridge this gap and help podiatrists incorporate digital marketing in ways that genuinely benefit their practice and patients. In fact, it’s my mission to help every podiatrist learn how to ethically and effectively market their practice. Would you like to join me? Schedule a free strategy session. You won’t regret it. 

“Jim stands out for his approach. With this other outfit I used before, I could never understand what they were doing and why. Jim is different – rather than throwing money to see what works, he understands how patients are searching for us online. With very targeted campaigns, he shows me exactly what he’s doing and why.”

Dr. Andrew Marso, DPM, Wisconsin Foot Center


Jim’s work has been featured in the NY Times and numerous national and international publications. His writing now focuses on helping podiatrists learn how to discover online opportunities that benefit their practice and patients.


Jim speaks regularly on more than 20 topics relevant to ethical and effective podiatry marketing. In 2020, I’ve spoken to AAPPM Summer Series, Colorado Foot & Ankle Society, Kansas Podiatric Medicine Association & Midwest Podiatry Conference.


Jim puts his over 15 years of podiatry experience and marketing acumen to work for practices across the nation. Engagements are remote and each involves careful analysis and application to your specific situation.