Patient Reviews

79% of people say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family.* Your online reputation is impacted by several essential criteria: average star rating, number of reviews, frequency, and length of reviews. I’ll work with you to extend your trust and reputation into the online world.

*Local Consumer Review Survey 2020, BrightLocal, Rosie Murphy

Positive “Digital Word of Mouth”

The system we implement makes it easy for patients to share feedback with you, and spread positive “digital word of mouth” about their experiences. To ensure your reputation and show that you’re engaged, I’ll help monitor your reviews, respond to every patient, and work with you on addressing negative ones.

Highlight patient testimonials

Patient testimonials & star ratings are posted to your practice website for your patients to read.

Valuable feedback

Gain insights from fully-written reviews by your patients instead of no word, star ratings.

Address negative reviews

I’ll alert you to negative feedback promptly and collaborate with you on a rational, HIPAA-compliant response.


Software automation can be great, but a personable approach leads to more engaging, trustworthy patient reviews.

Empower patients to spread positive “digital word of mouth”