March 15th, 2024

Patients Don’t Know All The Care You Provide

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Have you ever felt like your podiatry practice is a hidden gem? You work tirelessly to provide comprehensive foot and ankle care, but patients only seem to come in for the same old reasons – heel pain, ingrown toenails, or a yearly diabetic foot check.

The truth is, many patients simply don’t know about the full range of services you offer. Here’s how to change that:

Shine a Light on Your Expertise

  • Website Refresh: Is your website a static brochure, or a dynamic window into your practice? High-quality photos showcasing you treating a variety of patients (think athletes, children, seniors) build trust and demonstrate the breadth of care you provide.

  • Targeted Ads: Don’t let potential patients miss you in a Google search. Utilize Google Search Ads to target specific conditions you treat, like “bunion pain relief” or “diabetic foot care near me.” This ensures you reach the people who need your expertise the most.

Educate and Empower

  • Email Newsletters: A well-crafted email newsletter is a powerful tool. Don’t just announce office hours, use it to educate patients! Highlight different conditions you treat, offer preventative care tips, and showcase success stories.

Why This Matters

By making your services more visible, you’re not just attracting new patients, you’re empowering existing ones. Imagine a patient struggling with chronic foot pain who didn’t realize you offer custom orthotics. An informative email or a website photo could be the key to a pain-free future for them!

Taking Action

  • Staff Meeting Brainstorm: Schedule a brainstorming session with your staff. What questions do patients ask most often? What services do they think are under-utilized?
  • Website Audit: Is your website mobile-friendly? Does it clearly outline the services you offer? Consider a professional website audit for valuable insights.

By proactively showcasing your expertise, you can ensure your patients receive the comprehensive foot and ankle care they deserve.


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