October 7th, 2020

Why Most Podiatry Clinics Should Skip Social Media

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That subject line might seem a bit harsh, but I think it’s appropriate based on the amount of hype and FOMO surrounding social media.

Social media’s initial appeal for podiatry clinics was the ability to connect with and grow a network of current and future patients. Having a clinical outpost on Facebook or Twitter raised local area awareness of your clinic with the hope of generating additional business.

While social media may have accomplished this objective in the early days, it’s no longer the case. Over the past few years, these platforms have undergone significant changes that have nearly eliminated your clinic’s visibility and reach.

Today, most podiatry clinic pages on Facebook look like ghost towns with few “Likes” or comments.

Social Posts No Longer Reach All Your Clinic’s Followers

So why are they ghost towns?

When social media began, your published posts would be visible in the feed of 100% of those who “Like” your clinic. That amount of “organic reach” is a thing of the past.

Recent studies have shown a post’s average organic reach is only around 5.5% of the Page’s total likes. So even if you have a lot of “Likes” for your clinic’s page, you’ll have to advertise or “boost” your posts…otherwise, very few people will see them.

Advertising with social media also called paid social, is highly effective when set up properly (Check Facebook’s market cap & stock price). Just know that social media is no longer an effective free/”organic” channel for business; it’s pay to play.

Great Content Requires Time or Money

While posting on social media is free, the investment of time and organization are required to create helpful and relevant posts. Consistent, engaging podiatry clinic content doesn’t happen by accident. For your efforts to be successful, you or a staff member need to make this process a priority.

Without a process in place, a podiatry clinic’s Facebook page will devolve into a long string of “schedule an appointment today”, employee birthday, or Happy Labor Day-style posts.

I’ve got nothing against Labor Day, but posts like these do little to build trust, build your reputation as the local foot and ankle expert, or generate patient visits.

Focus on Digital Efforts with Measurable Return on Investment

If you’re using social media to educate your patients, highlight your practice’s personality, and show community involvement, I think that’s fine. Just as long as social media isn’t priority #1.

Your time and money are better spent on digital efforts that directly grow your practice and benefit your patients. There are only so many hours in the day and dollars in the bank, so concentrating them on the most effective methods is vital to the health of your practice.

Unlike social media, “podiatrist near me” Google Ads are an example of a more direct and relevant way of generating patient appointments. By being present in Google search results, you and your services become a viable option to a member of your local community searching for foot and ankle care.

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By spending your valuable resources on direct, measurable podiatry marketing efforts instead of social media, you’ll more successfully generate patient appointments and a return on your digital marketing investment.

Once you’ve maxed out your low effort, high return opportunities, feel free to return to posting on social…unless it involves Labor Day. 🙂

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